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Grievances & Cases

grievances & cases.

create, track, win

The grievance process is critical to your members! Support their cases with the most effective tools to be proactive and successful. Utilize Union 1 to help your win-record to boost member engagement and become more attractive during future organizing campaigns.

Legal Research
  • Built-in keyword search tools to look up legal cases publicly published on the CanLII database.
  • Research information on your worksite, employer, managers to see their history and if they were involved in previous cases and settlements.
  • Easily file grievances and cases (violence in the workplace, WSIB, claims, etc) in the database.
  • Design grievance letter and form templates to easily generate documents going forward (select the member, worksite, and include your grievance details).
  • Keep track of all your communications for each grievance.
  • Upload scanned documents, images, files, emails, notes between the union, employer and lawyers.
  • Keyword search through all your communications to quickly find documents during grievance hearings.
  • One-click export the entire grievance file along with all communications and attached documents as PDF format to print out or email to lawyers.
Related Cases
  • Keep track of previous grievances and cases to reference information to use in your next grievance/case.
  • See what was discussed and offered as a settlement to set a baseline for cases that are related.
  • Search through history of past grievances and cases.