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Member Hub

member hub.

upload, report, analyze

Your members are the collective force that relies on you for important information. Whether organizing or building public support, the member hub can also help you manage and access information quickly and easily.

  • Keep track of your members’ information all in one spot.
  • Easy reporting to see all active members or filter by any status/field in the system.
  • Keep track of communications with each member individually (log emails and phone calls per member).
  • Upload forms and documents to each member record.
  • Easily create lists of members by status, worksite, and more to send out emails, call blasts and SMS messages.
  • With Members’ Portal add-on module, members can update their contact information and will be synced right into the database.
  • Keep track of all your members’ jobs and positions.
  • Keep track of wages for each job classification and run reports to generate wage tables.
Change Approvals
  • With the Members’ Portal add-on, members can update their contact information.
  • With the Change Approvals tool, system administrators can validate and approve the change before committing it to the database; this prevents false data to be written to the database
  • Know where all your members work.
  • Keep track of worksite contact information.
  • Easy reporting to see all members at each worksite for reference and communication purposes.
Employer HR
  • Keep track of managers, supervisors, and external contacts on the Employer side to reference them for grievances and cases.
Union Releases
  • Easily create Book-Off/release letters.
  • Design letter templates to easily generate letters going forward (select the member, reason for release and duration).